Our team

Since launching in 2008 we have engaged with tens of thousands of students, teachers and space industry professionals.

We started in Leicester and now deliver all over the world thanks to our expert Lead Educators, Space Advocates and other space experts.

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Partners & Contributors

  1. Space Park

    Space Park

    Building upon the heritage and space-science excellence of the University of Leicester, Space Park is a collaborative community of industry, academics and students working together to drive growth in space and space-enabled sectors.

  2. ASPA Social Media Logo 552X368px

    The Air & Space Power Association

    The Air & Space Power Association (ASPA) is an authoritative voice and platform for discussion and debate on how air and space power influences today’s world and its relevance to the future. Our mission is to promote the understanding and advancement of military air and space power in the UK and beyond. Our aim is to provide a focal point for all stakeholders in the air and space domains. Through conferences, dinners, lectures and debates, the ASPA stimulates discussion around the air and space power environment. 

  3. Nceo Logo 1024


    The National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) provides innovative approaches to scientific investigations of the global and regional Earth system.

  4. Ral Space Logo 1024

    RAL Space

    Designing, testing and building satellite instruments and telescopes that observe our Earth and explore the furthest reaches of our Universe. We are lucky to be invited to RAL Space with our Space Engineers and visiting international students every year. 

  5. Met Office Logo 1024

    The Met Office

    The UK's National Weather Service using satellite images and data to accurately forecast daily changes in weather. They also run world class research into climate change. The team have supported us at Careers Conferences.

  6. Raf Logo 1024


    The primary role of the RAF is defence of British and European airspace with additional roles of search and rescue and disaster relief. The RAF supported the development of the Teaching Laboratory at the National Space Centre and has donated some exhibits that are housed there.

  7. Mullard Logo 1024

    Mullard Space Science Laboratory

    Carrying out research into a wide range of physical phenomena. They are actively involved in the development, construction and exploitation of high precision instrumentation for use on satellites. Dr Colin Forsyth regularly joins us at our Careers Conferences.

  8. Leicester

    University of Leicester

    Every year since 1967 a Leicester-built instrument has operated in space. We work closely with the University of Leicester and look forward to the development of Space Park Leicester.

  9. Uni Nott Logo 1024

    Nottingham Geospatial Institute

    A leading cross-disciplinary research and teaching institute at The University of Nottingham. NGI specialises in spatial and location-based science and engineering, empowered by satellite positioning, remote sensing and integrated technologies.

  10. Esero Logo 1024


    ESERO UK promotes the use of space to enhance and support the teaching and learning of STEM in schools and colleges throughout the UK. They are funded by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Department for Education.

  11. Itp Aero Logo 1024

    ITP Aero

    ITP Aero includes the design, research and development, manufacturing and casting, assembly and testing of aeronautical engines. ITP Aero have supported us at Careers Conferences and have provided work experience to our Space Engineers.

  12. Inmarsat Logo 1024


    Inmarsat has been at the forefront of mobile satellite services for several decades and is the leading provider of global voice, data and IP communications solutions. Immarsat have supported us at Careers Conferences.

  13. ESA Logo 2020 Deep Scaled


    ESA's mission is to shape the development of Europe's space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world. We have partnered with ESA to develop several teaching resources.

  14. The Ogden Trust Logo

    The Ogden Trust

    The Ogden Trust encourages and promotes the teaching and learning of physics. With their funding we teach physics to teenagers, and run CPD sessions for teachers.

  15. Rolls Royce


    A world-leading provider of power systems and services for use on land, at sea and in the air. Rolls-Royce have supported us at Careers Conferences and have provided work experience to our Space Engineers.

  16. Airbus Defence Space 1080

    Airbus Defence and Space

    One of the UK's largest space sector employers, and also a key player in aerospace and defence technologies. Airbus Defence & Space have supported us at Careers Conferences and have provided work experience to our Space Engineers. 

  17. Ppg Logo 1024


    PPG Industries are a global paintings and coatings company. PPG has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and have helped us to reach thousands of young people with space science in the classroom.

  18. Stfc Logo 1024


    Keeping the UK at the forefront of international science. They tackle some of the most significant challenges facing society such as meeting our future energy needs, monitoring and understanding climate change, and global security.

  19. Lloyds Register Logo 1024

    Lloyd's Register Foundation

    Helping to protect life and property by supporting engineering-related education, public engagement and the application of research. Lloyds Register Foundation support our International Scoping Project.

  20. Nsc Logo

    National Space Centre

    The UK's largest visitor attraction dedicated to space and space exploration. The centre welcomes around a quarter of a million visitors each year since its opening in June 2001. We are part funded by the National Space Centre and our science lab sits within the centre itself.

  21. Surrey

    Surrey Satellites Technology Ltd. (SSTL)

    SSTL has launched more than 35 small satellites, making it the most successful and experienced small satellite supplier in the world. The team regularly support us at Careers Conferences.

  22. UKSA Logo RGB Whitebgborder

    UK Space Agency

    Reporting to the Minister of State for Universities and Science, the UK Space Agency is at the heart of UK efforts to explore space, exploit space-based applications and technology and support our academic and industrial communities. We work to increase understanding of space and its practical benefits and inspire our next generation of UK scientists and engineers.