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About us

The ambition driving the creation of the National Space Academy was to create a programme that could use inspirational contexts from across space science (exploration, astronomy and satellite applications) to utilise in the core science curriculum at high school level.

The aim was to support schools to boost student attainment, to support teachers in giving them extra activities and resources to add to their standard teaching toolkit and to help young people better navigate their way into career pathways in the science and engineering sectors. 

We worked to achieve these goals by bringing together the very best of UK current science teachers to work with some of the country’s leading space scientists and engineers in developing a suite of masterclass programmes for students and teachers – and since 2008 we have grown from a regional East Midlands programme with a team of 5 to a fully National programme with over 30 team members delivering programmes across the UK, for the European Space Agency (ESA) and in the Gulf region and Far East. 

Throughout this time, we’ve aspired to stay true to our goals and belief – that science education knows no boundaries and that space science and capabilities are a global endeavour presenting solutions to global challenges.

The Academy was founded by Prof Anu Ojha, OBE, now a Director at the UK Space Agency. 

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Launched in 2008

Since launching in 2008 we've engaged with more than 50,000 students, nearly 6000 teachers and hundreds of industry professionals. We started in Leicester and now deliver all over the world thanks to our amazing team of Lead Educators and Project Scientists.


6,000 teachers

We train teachers. Our CPD sessions range from one day courses for individual teachers, to full consultancy for new schools looking to develop an exciting STEM offer. Supporting non-specialist physics teachers is our speciality. We work with each school to develop a programme which is relevant and will have the greatest impact possible.


Teaching in 14 countries

We work across the globe bringing our unique combination of expertise in education and passion for space science to teachers, schools and young people.



Aboard the International Space Station (ISS), British astronaut Tim Peake's mission, called Principia, included work on a wide variety of education projects alongside his day-to-day work for ESA and in collaboration with other space agencies.

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53,300 Students