Robin Mobbs

Robin Mobbs

Robin studied Maths, Chemistry and Engineering post-16 before completing a BSc and PGCE at university. Robin has been a Lead Educator with the National Space Academy since 2012.

He has had roles as Head of Physics and Head of Science. Robin has now retired from full time teaching but continues to educate and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers!

Advanced Skills Teacher status

At the office
Robin is a mentor for the Stimulation Physics Network of the Institute of Physicsand was a Space Ambassador for the Tim Peake Primary Project. He is a regular contributor to Association for Science Education meetings and has worked in Subject Knowledge Enhancement sessions for the University of Hertfordshire.

Robin has run space sessions in many schools across the region and more widely in places such as the Royal Observatory Science Centre, the Royal Astronomical Society, the Telegraph Museum near Land's End and even Shanghai.

Robin's particular interest lies in human spaceflight with personal knowledge gained through discussions with astronauts. He is a keen developer of new resources for teachers such as the Astro Academy: Principia project, the Lunar Loans scheme and Laser Applications for the Science and Technology Facilities Council and Marsquake with the British Geological Survey. He is at the forefront of using computer video analysis for Physics in real-world and out-of-this-world scenarios. His teaching materials using the Physics of a pendulum to measure the g-forces experienced by Tim Peake during launch were taken up enthusiastically by many schools. Tim agreed that "the analysis was brilliant".

Away from the office
"I played guitar in Houston with the saviour of Apollo 13 singing along"

We asked Robin...

Given the chance, would you go to space?
Yes if I could teleport there and back

What's the best thing about science?
How it tries to unlock the workings of the Universe

What's the best thing about working at the National Space Academy?
Passing on my enthusiasm for Astronomy and Space