Hayley Flood

Hayley Flood Clip

Hayley is a Physics teacher with a specialism in Astronomy.

She was awarded Advanced Skills Teacher status in 2013, for excellence in teaching, and teaches at the Banbury Space Studio School.

Previously Hayley was a teacher at Coopers Technology College in London and the lead teacher responsible for the Malcolm Parry Observatory at The Long Eaton School and led the project in GCSE Astronomy provision, public outreach and creating Astronomy networks with other schools. 

A masterclass or CPD session delivered by Hayley can include:

  • Detecting exoplanets
  • Rockets and GCSE/A level mechanics
  • Tools for teaching GCSE Astronomy
  • Practical Astronomy
  • Astronomical distances
  • 'Astronomical imaging and the life cycle of a star'
  • 'Observing the Sun'

"The National Space Academy has been fantastic in helping me to develop new activities for my school. One of the great benefits of the CPD sessions based at the National Space Centre is that you have the opportunity to meet other like minded teachers and scientists to share ideas and develop projects with."


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