Peter Wesson

Peter Wesson

Pete develops physics programmes for the National Space Academy and UK schools, he also helps to develop cross-curricular, careers, and skills focussed programmes.

At the office

Pete is an experienced Physics teacher with a background in Engineering, he has been teaching Physics in secondary schools for nearly a decade. Pete teaches A-level Physics as part of our Space Engineering course.

Before becoming a Teacher, Pete was a Research and Development Engineer in the foundry industry, working on large scale Centrifugal Titanium casting. He had the opportunity to work on a European Research Council project developing robots for work in small sized manufacturing settings. This included working with several different robot manufacturers, including ABB and KUKA robotics. The project was aimed at adapting robots to be programmed and controlled with force controllers and voice commands.

Pete studied Mechanical Engineering at The University of Leeds and has always had a passion for problem solving and finding out how things work. He completed a Postgraduate in Education at The University of Leicester to become a teacher in 2014.

We asked Peter...

Given the chance, would you go to space?
Absolutely, but only if it was the right opportunity. I think more people are going to get the chance to go to space over the next few decades with the increase in commercial interest.

What's the best thing about science?
It’s incredible to think about the scale of the universe, how vast it is and how insignificant we are in comparison, in terms of both size and age.