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Find Your Space: Careers Videos

Find Your Space!

The National Space Academy has created a career resources package for teachers and students, thanks to funding from the UK Space Agency. These resources were created for teachers of students at secondary age, however students of all ages are welcome to use these resources.

Each of these videos are from people who are currently working within the space sector. Each of our speakers describe in depth their journey of how they reached were they are today and real-life insights into work life. Students will be able to learn what studies or work experience they took, about their background and any hobbies that they enjoy. Our speakers are brutally honest about their career path choices; some making mistakes and some taking a different path to what they had planned but ended up being better than they had imagined!

This collection of videos contain a wide range of diverse careers, ranging from Aerospace Engineers to a Space Lawyer, even to a Space Artist!

How can I use these resources?

These resources can be used in wide range of ways either in school, for home education or for any one who might be interested in a career in the space sector. Please see some suggestions below:

A Mini Careers Event

These videos are ideal to create a short careers event in the comfort of your own school or home. These bespoke events are ideal for up to a class size and includes resources to compliment the videos. Find out more information and resources to host your own mini careers event.

Incorporating Videos Into Lessons

Incorporating single videos into a lesson is great idea. For example, including our 'Space Weather Careers Video' into your science lessons will compliment your students learning. Students will be able to relate their studies to the real life world. 

Individual Students

If you are a student and you would like to research some possible careers yourself, you may find our YouTube channel interesting

Explore our Careers Videos Collection Below:

We have many experts from different areas of the Space Industry, covering many different subjects in STEM. Please feel free to browse our collection and we hope it can inspire the next generations in choosing their career paths.

  1. Dhara Still

    Find your Space: Space Expert

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  2. David Still

    Find your Space: Space Educator General Manager

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  3. Colin Still

    Find your Space: Space Weather Expert

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  4. Loz Still

    Find your Space: Space Artist

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  5. Ben Still

    Find your Space: Design Engineer

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  6. Sarah Still

    Find your Space: Observational Astronomer

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  7. Amar Still

    Find your Space: Space Solutions Lead

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  8. Joanne Still

    Find your Space: Space Lawyer

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  9. Find your Space - Host a Mini Careers Event

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