Ben Still

Find your Space: Design Engineer

Find your space: Ben Burslem

Ben is the Design Engineer (Test-Rig Aerospace) at ITP Aero. Ben has to design test rigs for various aerospace customers and he also designs test rigs for aerospace applications. The tests that Ben undertakes results in better engines, lower emissions and make the aerospace engines quieter and safer.


"I've worked with people from America, India, Mexico, Spain, you're working as a team to deliver an end goal and you all sort of bought into that idea that it's a team game kind of matches sport in that way. No one person can design a 747 Jumbo Jet by themselves, so there is space for everyone."

Quick fire questions

What's your earliest school memory of Science?

What is your favourite space fact?

How long did it take you to become qualified?

Example questions for group discussion:

What kind of problems can an engineer solve?

What's the biggest challenge an engineer could possibly face in their career?

Can you name any major engineering feats?