Dhara Still

Find your Space: Space Expert

Find your space: Dhara Patel

Dhara is the National Space Centre's Space Expert where she helps to keep people informed about space news, what's happening in the world of astronomy and then being able to then share that with the visitors. So, whether it's through writing blogs, doing interviews, digital content, events, whatever it is that's the end goal.


"No matter what interest you have there will be something you can apply to find a career in and actually we found already that so many roles and jobs exist now that 20 years ago I wouldn't have thought would have existed. So even if there isn't a job that you can see yourself in now, potentially in the future that job may exist."

Quick fire questions

Do you get the opportunity to travel with your job?

What's your earliest school memory of Science?

What's the coolest event you've attended with your job?

Example questions for group discussion:

What kind of qualifications do you think you would need to become a Space Expert?

How can a Space Expert help people?

Do you have any space facts or information that you think people should know about?