Amar Still

Find your Space: Space Solutions Lead

Find your space: Amar Vora

As a Space Solutions Lead Amar is exposed to a variety of different problems that need to be solved and works within the business development function of companies and how they can develop new services and prospects for the market. Working with customers to understand what their needs are and making sure that they position themselves in a competitive way in the market.


"Space isn't really all about rocket science... we need people from all types of backgrounds, all types of interests, all types of expertise in this space sector to do what we need to do. Whether you like Art, whether you like Law, English or Philosophy, no matter what your background is we need people like you."

Quick fire questions

How important is problem solving within your job?

What's the most difficult part of your job?

How long did it take you to become qualified?

What's your favourite space mission?

Example questions for group discussion:

Why do you think that networking might help Amar in this role?

What kind of businesses can you think of that will be needed in space in the future?

Could you see yourself becoming a Space Business Developer?