Hosting a Mini Careers Event

Are you looking to host a mini careers event in your school centred around the space sector? Well look no further! These resources are a fun and inspiring way to show your students how vast and exciting working in the space sector can be. Students will be able to learn of our speakers career journeys so far, what qualifications they needed, work experience they obtained and what it is they do on a daily basis today. 

How do I run my own mini careers event using these resources?
  • Who is the event hosted by? - This event will be lead by a teacher or member of staff at your school using the resources on this webpage
  • What age is the event recommended for? - This event is ideal for all students at of secondary school age
  • How many students do you recommend? - We suggest this event for is suitable for up to 30 students 
  • How long does the event last for? - The event can be flexible to suit your lessons timings, we suggest 1-1.5 hours or they can be shortened if needed. 
  • What space do I need? - A classroom would be ideal with tables and chairs for students to take notes. 
  • What technical requirements will I need? - You will need a screen and access to the internet to watch the careers videos 
  • How will the event run? - We recommend using the Find Your Space careers workshop lesson. The event includes:
    • An introduction to the UK Space Sector
    • An interactive matching activity
    • An interactive quiz to decide which career videos to watch
    • Students will then watch three careers videos based on the results of the quiz. More resources are included on each speaker webpage including discussion question ideas and a bonus quick fire video
    • The event then finishes with ideas for where students can find our more information

Find your Space

Download the careers workshop lesson here Workshop Lesson

Your students may also be interested in our 'Top 10 career tips' to take away with them or can also be apart of the event!