Lead Educators

Keeley Arundel-McConachie


Keeley is head of department at Springwood High School in King's Lynn. Keeley studied physics at the University of Sheffield, working at an international school in Sri Lanka before completing the GTP and an MEd at The University of Cambridge.

"The National Space Academy - it's not all rocket science! The opportunities for learning science using space as a context is massive, it is inspiring and challenging in equal measure."

Keeley has worked at schools in Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire since 2002, teaching all three sciences up to GCSE and Physics at A-Level, she is also the Lead Internal Verifier for Applied Science Btec. Keeley is involved with the IOP teacher network and has delivered Optoelectronics training at a number of public and independent schools.

Keeley also organises regular outreach activities, including local and national workshops.

A masterclass or CPD session delivered by Keeley can include: 

  • Rocket Science
  • Physical properties of materials and space suit design
  • The search for life - how physics, chemistry and biology contribute
  • Pollution monitoring and the use of environmental indicators
  • Individually tailored physics sessions for core, additional, triple or BTEC science  

More about Keeley: