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Space to Learn: Expanding our network of outstanding secondary teachers of science to become ‘UK Space Advocates’, delivering aspirational STEM interventions in your local schools

Since 2008 the National Space Academy has delivered world-class masterclasses across the UK through its Network of Outstanding Lead Educators. Developed in partnership with industry, these masterclasses enhance student’s knowledge of space and related curriculum science, showcase careers opportunities and increase the number of students leaving education with the skill to work within the UK’s thriving and growing space sector.

Thanks to new funding from the UK Space Agency, and with the objective of removing barriers to opportunity, we are expanding our network to allow us to deliver masterclasses free-of-charge to schools with a high number of disadvantaged students.

To do this, we are recruiting current outstanding teachers of science from across the UK to become ‘Space Advocates’. Successful candidates will be released from their schools to deliver half-day and full-day masterclasses, with a heavy focus on physics, to secondary school students in their region. They will do so following intensive training and using a fantastic package of kit.

Schools will be paid for the teacher’s time.

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Lead Educators

We're not recruiting for Lead Educators at the moment. However, if you are interested in future opportunities please email us on and we'll let you know when opportunities arise. Please tell us which subject(s) you teach and where you are based in the UK.

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