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Robin Mobbs

Robin Mobbs

Advanced Skills Teacher in Physics, Freman College, Buntingford

Robin is an Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) in Physics at Freman College in Buntingford, Hertfordshire.

He has held AST status for excellence in teaching in Hertfordshire County for 7 years having been Head of Science for the previous 20 years. Robin also gives lectures about space and astronomy for school and public groups in the Hertfordshire area.

As well as over 35 years of experience in teaching, Robin has researched human spaceflight through visits to the United States and numerous meetings with the astronaut Mark Kelly.  Mark and his twin brother Scott are the only siblings ever to have both travelled in space.

Robin's passion for human spaceflight and the challenges faced by astronauts is the cornerstone of his National Space Academy masterclass.  Robin also engages people with physics with talks and classes on other topics such as physics in sport.

"Knowledge of space is important  to help us understand our place in the Universe and commercially but also to enable us to protect our home planet from outside dangers, its own workings and ourselves."




A masterclass or CPD session delivered by Robin can include:  

  • Using space contexts in teaching GCSE Science and A level Physics
  • Rocket science: Forces, energy, efficiency, chemical reactions
  • Being an astronaut: Training and spaceflight
  • Astrophysics: Orbits, gravity, Big Bang, Hubble constant, star luminosity
  • Space contexts for Science Coursework Assessment practice

Availability: Wednesdays only

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