SouthernCPD 1The National Space Academy is pleased to be able to share the success of its Astro Academy Principia Twilight teacher training sessions, held at the Royal Astronomical Society in London and the Winchester Science Centre.

The first  CPD (continuing professional development) event, hosted at the prestigious Royal Astronomical Society in Burlington house, welcomed 15 teachers from London and further afield to attend an overview of the Astro Academy: Principia educational resources.




Presented by Lead Educator Robin Mobbs, the session gave teachers an overview of the experiments Tim Peake conducted and filmed on the International Space Station, as well as how to use classroom experiments alongside them using the teacher resources available. Robin, an expert in Tracker software, was also able to give each teacher an overview of how to use the software in the classroom.

One highlight of the event was an opportunity for the teachers to view a first edition of Newton's Principia, held in the Royal Astronomical Society library, along with a piece of the famous apple tree that according to legend inspired Newton's work on gravity.


Twilight CPD

The second CPD event was hosted at the Winchester Science Centre, where 14 teachers from Winchester and Hampshire were welcomed. Presented by Lead Educator Hayley Smith, these teachers were also given an overview each of the experiments Tim Peake conducted.

The teachers also had the chance to tour around the Winchester Science Centre exhibition floors. The conclusion of the CPD session included a planetarium show for those in attendance.