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Robin Mobbs

Robin Mobbs

Robin has been a Lead Educator for the National Space Academy since 2012. He brings a wealth of teaching experience to the academy as he has taught Physics to all ages and abilities up to A level in Hertfordshire schools as Head of Physics and Head of Science. As an Advanced Skills Teacher he has supported teachers and Science Departments across the county. He is a mentor for the Stimulation Physics Network of the Institute of Physics and was a Space Ambassador for the Tim Peake Primary Project during his flight. He is a regular contributor to ASE meetings and has worked in Subject Knowledge Enhancement sessions for the University of Hertfordshire.

Robin generally covers the area of North London and Home Counties across into East Anglia. He has run space sessions in many schools across the region and more widely in places such as the Royal Observatory Science Centre, the Royal Astronomical Society, the Telegraph Museum near Land's End and even in Shanghai. Although happy to cover anything astrophysics or space related his particular interest lies in human spaceflight with personal knowledge gained through discussions with astronauts. This passion forms the cornerstone of his most popular session for a National Space Academy masterclass.

He is a keen developer of new resources for teachers working on other projects such as the Astro Academy: Principia project, the Lunar Loans scheme and Laser Applications for the Science and Technology Facilities Council and Marsquake with the British Geological Survey. He is in the forefront of using computer video analysis for Physics in real-world and out-of-this-world scenarios. His teaching materials using the Physics of a pendulum to measure the g-forces experienced by Tim Peake during launch were taken up enthusiastically by many schools. Tim said that "the analysis was brilliant".

"Knowledge of space is important  to help us understand our place in the Universe and commercially but also to enable us to protect our home planet from outside dangers, its own workings and ourselves."

A masterclass or CPD session delivered by Robin can include:  

  • Using space contexts to show the application of ideas in GCSE Science and A Level Physics.
  • Rocket science: forces, acceleration, velocity, energy, efficiency, chemical reactions.
  • Being an astronaut: Training for spaceflight, living and working in microgravity.
  • Astrophysics: Orbits, gravitation, star birth and death, the Big Bang, Hubble constant, star luminosity.
  • Video tracking and analysis in a wide range of space scenarios such as the Soyuz capsule being released from the ISS or the Huygens' probe landing on Saturn's moon Titan.

Availability: Wednesdays only

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