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Science has no borders

As the space landscape evolves it is more important than ever for young people across the globe to develop their understanding of space science, maths and technology.

We collaborate with schools, universities, governments and businesses for greater global inclusivity, prosperity and equality. The National Space Academy is the only educational organisation dedicated to teaching space science and maths all over the world. We operate a suite of educational programmes with a space context which foster international collaboration and cooperation, creating greater opportunities for STEM education and skills development.

Space science and capabilities can offer solutions to some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Building international goodwill and collaboration is a key factor in creating a safer world: helping the development of a generation with a global outlook and STEM capability is vital for tackling global problems.

We have worked in partnership with organisations across the globe including China, South Africa and the UAE. Learn more about our work with SANSA and the LRF in South Africa here or read about our Space Science Summer School for students from Beihang University, China here.

Contact our International Project Manager to start a conversation about how we can work with you, email nsa@spacecentre.co.uk.

International Education

From masterclasses in Malaysia to summer schools in China, presentations in the United Arab Emirates and space schools in Norway; our team can bring their teaching expertise to you.