reduced size 180809 Beihang space school trip to Harwell MOBILE 19
(Pictured above, the group outside The European Centre for Space Applications and Telecommunications - ECSAT)

This August we hosted a Space Science Summer School with the University of Leicester for students from Beihang University.

During the trip to Harwell Campus we were given behind the scenes tours. It was amazing to see and hear about some of the work happening on site from scientists at RAL Space, ESA - European Space Agency and Diamond Light Source.


Learning about Diamond light source

Image: Learning about Diamond Light Source

There are so many applications of space science on the campus - Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Engineering. The visits were a great reminder of how important team work is in research; communication and collaboration to bring the ideas to life and overcome obstacles.

Vibration table at RAL Space

Image: A vibration table at RAL Space. These are used to simulate the movement of launch to test equipment before it leaves earth. 

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