Colin Still

Find your Space: Space Weather Expert

Find your space: Dr Colin Forsyth

Colin is a lecturer and Space Weather Researcher at the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory. One of the key aspects of Colin's work is research into space weather and the physics around space weather. Space weather is the interaction between the earth and the sun. The sun sends off particles and fields, and they interact with Earth's magnetic field. Particles are captured, become energized and create things like Van Allen belts and the radiation belts. These can then go on to impact spacecrafts and create sights such as the Northern Lights.


"So if somebody wants to go into space, great! I encourage it, it's a fantastic industry to be involved in but where you end up might not be where you thought you were going to end. Be open to opportunities and find something that really excites you."

Quick fire questions

What's your favourite space mission?

What's your earliest memory of Science?

How important is teamwork within your job?

Do you have the opportunity to travel with your job?

Example questions for group discussion:

Why do you think we need Space Weather Experts?

What kind of problems do you think that monitoring our weather from space will solve?

Can you think of any other uses for doing Space Observations?