The UK Space Industry has a total income of £14.8 billion and employs close to 42,000 people. The UK currently makes up 5.1% of the global space economy (2016/17) and the government aims to increase this to 8% by 2020, and 10% by 2030. You can see the current report on

Our careers events provide opportunities for students to meet people working in the space sector; from scientists to space engineers; astronomers to astrophysicists. We have connections with companies like Airbus, Rolls Royce, the RAF, Satellite Applications Catapult and leading universities across the UK who send representatives to discuss all things space science with young people attending our careers events.

There are many paths to a career in the space sector, and many options once you get there. We take a closer look at some of these options and provide opportunity for discussion; so that students are able to explore where Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths might take them. 

***Coronavirus Update***

We have taken the decision not to run any of our Careers Conferences in person for the rest of 2020. We are currently working on an online alternative for the Year 12 Careers Conference that normally takes place in November. Join our mailing list to make sure you recieve our newsletter which will include information on how to take part in this, or check out our careers links to start researching opportunities for young people.

So you want to work in the space sector?

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Keynote Speakers

The National Space Academy has welcomed numerous guest speakers to our Career Conferences. They provide students with insight, inspiration and information on possible careers in an exciting and dynamic sector.

  • Dr Brooke Simmons

    Dr Brooke SimmonsCitizen Science and the Zooniverse

    Galaxy Zoo Project Scientist, University of Oxford

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  • Dr Leigh Fletcher

    Dr Leigh FletcherExploring the Realm of the Giants

    Dr Leigh Fletcher is a Royal Society Fellow and Senior Research Fellow at the University of Leicester, specialising in remote sensing of extreme environments found within giant planet systems, both in our solar system and around other stars.

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  • Dr Helen Sharman OBE

    Helen SharmanBritain's first Astronaut in Space

    Crew Member of the Anglo Soviet Juno Mission, 1991

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 Industry links

We are supported by universities, organisations and research groups, who attend our events to speak to students about the sectors they work in. Information about many of these can be found on our funders, supporters and partners page

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