The application of biology is vital to answer some of the most exciting space questions: how did life on Earth begin? Is there the potential for life elsewhere in the universe?

Below are some examples of content that could be included in your masterclass. However, we can build a bespoke day depending on your requirements. Talk to us today and let’s make a plan!

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  1. 190131 Highgate School Physics Masterclass 040 Crop

    Example content for KS3 – 4 and S2 – S4

    • What do we mean by "life"?
    • Exoplanets
    • Microorganisms
    • Respiration, Homeostasis and Nutrition
    • Ecosystems
    • Osmosis
    • Data analysis
    • DNA profiling
    • Our cosmic backyard: could other planets be habitable?

  2. 190208 University Of Leicester PGCE Ogden 061 Lowres A

    Example content for KS5 and S4 – S6

    • Pathways of evolution – how can life adapt to a changing environment?
    • Migration – how living organisms can respond to a changing environment
    • Earth future – analysing recent climate trends and predicting the future of our climate
    • Human impact on the environment
    • DNA structure and replication
    • Protein synthesis
    • Biological molecules
    • Microbiology
    • Membranes and transport 
    • Extremophiles