National Space Academy Training Symposium at ISIC

The National Space Academy held its second all-hands training symposium on the 17th April 2012 at the International Space Innovation Centre Harwell Campus. The session allowed the team to work with scientists from RAL Space, Astrium GeoInformation, the National Centre for Earth Observation, Surrey Satellites and the National Space Academy's own Project Scientists.  Using the information and concepts shared by these space specialists, The National Space Academy's Lead Educators shared ideas and began development of a series of new activities for use with students and in teacher CPD.

National Space Academy To Present at ESA’s Summer Teacher Conference

Lead Educators Chris Carr and Anu Ojha have been invited to present multiple sessions at this summers ESA Teacher conference at ESTEC (10th-13th July). Chris will be leading a session on  Mars, focusing on surface conditions, extremophiles and the hunt for Martian life.  Anu will be leading sessions on the SOHO solar observatory and Rosetta Comet mission including access to up to date scientific data and analysis software that can be brought straight into the classroom.

National Space Academy At Big Bang Event in Birmingham

From the 15th to the 17th March 2012, National Space Academy Director Anu Ojha and Project Scientist Dr Rebecca Wilson led teacher masterclasses, public lectures and individual sessions with groups of students on behalf of the UK Space Agency.  Rebecca made a record 10 comet nuclei in one day to rapturous applause from the many students in attendance.

National Space Academy At ESA Teacher Training Programme

From the 13th -15th February National Space Academy Director Anu Ojha led teacher masterclasses for ESA's GTTP (Galileo Teacher training Programme) sessions held at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC), Madrid. Twenty-two teachers were selected from across Europe to participate in this inspiring curriculum focused programme.

National Space Academy to deliver at Big Bang 2012

The National Space Academy has been asked to deliver student masterclasses and teacher CPD sessions on behalf of the UK space Agency at this years Big Bang Fair in Birmingham.  For more information on Big Bang 201 click here.

National Space Academy Project Director to guest lecture for the International Space University

The National Space Academy's Project Director Anu Ojha has been invited to guest lecture to the International Space University's MSC class in the Spring term.  Dates to be announced.

National Space Academy to deliver at ESA's Galileo Teacher Training Programme

The National Space Academy has been asked to lead an intensive hands on teacher CPD session at ESA's European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Madrid this February.  For more information on this programme please click here.

National Space Academy Science Symposium to see formal launch of the expanded nationwide model

Following on from the sucessful appointment of a Regional project manager and 7 new Lead Educators, the National Space Academy will be holding the initial national Space Academy Training Symposium for all new staff.  This will allow existing staff and the new appointees to share ideas and methodologies for expanding the programme.  A keynote speech will be given by Professor Paul Monks of the University of Leicester (Space Leadership Council and NERC Council).

National Space Academy Appoints Regional Project Manager and Lead Educators

The National Space Academy has recruited a Regional Project Manager who will be based at the Harwell Campus in Oxfordshire.  In addition a further 7 Lead Educators have been appointed across England to enable the programme to deliver outstanding student masterclasses and CPD to a wider national audience.  Details of the appointees will be made available soon.

National Space Academy is recruiting a Southern regional manager

To help facilitate the transition to a National Project, the National Space Academy is recruiting a part time regional project manager to be based at the Harwell campus in Oxfordshire.  Closing date for completed applications is 12 noon Friday 2 December 2011.