women in spaceRecently an exciting new database was launched to promote aerospace and STEM based careers in science, technology engineering and maths to women and girls across the UK and abroad. The new Women in Space database created by the Engineering Telegraph Jobs team provides an inspirational look at the careers of women who have excelled following a STEM focussed education.


So why was this resource built? According to the Government Equalities Office women make up just 15.5% of the STEM workforce in the UK. The Telegraphs Women in Space database has been designed to spread further awareness amongst women of the career benefits of taking up STEM from a young age.

The database is a one stop shop for information on those women who have been trailblazers in space travel and STEM careers. Split into two parts the database showcases Historic Heroines, women who have taken part in live space missions, and Modern Marvels, women who are working in and supporting the space industry today. Profiles include a photograph of the woman, a career summary and some video footage.

What is great to see from this database is how the women have progressed from a STEM education into a space career. The Telegraph Courses team researched the educational background to these women and here are some great examples below of how a STEM subject specialism can lead to working in the space industry:

Abbie Hutty – is just 28 years of age but already making waves in the space industry. She gained a Master's Degree in Design Engineering from the University of Surrey by specialising in engineering. Having done some work as a STEM ambassador she is a strong role model for youngsters and is currently working on an innovative new Mars Rover due for launch in 2018.

Laurie Grindle – Laurie Grindle has spent more than two decades working for NASA and in that time has achieved so much including a Guinness World Record. Having trained to be a pilot as a teenager Grindle graduated with a dual Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. As a NASA project manager she has worked on many assignments including the X-43A Flight, which set a new Guinness World Record by traveling at nearly ten times the speed of sound.

QuynhGiao Nguyen – Vietnamese QuynhGiao Nguyen first undertook a summer internship at NASA at the age of 19, whilst studying for a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry. Having completed a PhD Nguyen specialised in material sciences and today leads on a number of projects in NASA's material sciences department; a scientific space woman.

To view the other female career biographies in the space industry, enter to explore the telegraph jobs women in space database today.

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