CDRALStargazingThe National Space Academy along with the Satellite Applications Catapult took part in the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory's Stargazing event on Friday 23 January.  

 Families were invited to take part in a number of exciting activities including one run by Christopher Duff:  the building and decorating of a tinfoil satellite and cardboard boat. The boat and satellite were then connected with a piece of string, identifying the relationship between satellite data and the monitoring of illegal fishing.

400 people attended the event, with children of all ages, from 5 to 80, taking a satellite and boat home with them.

A parent said of the event:
"The next day was spent making space models and further excitement when we found an article in the Economist about the satellites tracking the fishing boats.  I was impressed with the range of activities and experts available with something to offer a 6, 9 & 11 year old in every area. It was a fantastic evening and we look forward to the next one"