teachers building cloud chambers node full imageThis August saw the 4th annual ESA Summer Workshop for Teacher's take place at ESTEC in the Netherlands, and once again the National Space Academy was there to challenge teachers to bring inspirational space science contexts into their classrooms. 

Project Director Anu Ojha and Biology Lead Educator Chris Carr both led sessions, looking at subjects as diverse as radiation and cosmic ray detection and the search for indicators of life on other planets such as Mars.  Overall the National Space Academy presented six sessions and supported the delivery of two more.

The image below, from ESA's website write up of the event, shows Chris Carr discussing "Mars as the Abode for Life" with participating teachers before letting them loose on the practical work.

Session Is there life out there node full image














The ESA write up about the whole event by ESA can be found here, giving an overview of what the teachers attending had the chance to take part in during their time at ESTEC.