13EC1529MinisterRALSpacevisitLast Friday saw the official launch of the Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering, a framework developed by the National Space Academy in collaboration with Loughborough College and Leicester University.  Science Minister David Willetts joined the first cohort of the Space Engineering post-16 course at RAL Space to talk to existing STFC apprentices and young people interested in joining the UK Space Sector through the apprenticeship pathway.

The Higher Apprenticeship framework will use best practise for training apprentices within existing space sector companies with academic support from Loughborough College, leading to a foundation degree in Engineering accredited by the University of Leicester.  Friday saw David Willetts visiting one of the UK's space technology hubs at RAL, where satellites and spacecraft components are designed, built and tested.  Mr Willetts was there to show the UK government's commitment to supporting and nurturing the space sector for future growth.

Whilst visiting the space research facilities at RAL Space, the Minister said: "The UK space industry is a major success story. To build on this achievement we need to maintain a good supply of talented scientists and engineers. This new Higher Apprenticeship is the first of its kind. It will provide people with the advanced skills and knowledge to drive growth and innovation in the space sector, keeping Britain ahead in the global race."

David Willetts also included the Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering in his discussion of Science and Engineering Education for the UK Huffington Post Blog.  The launch of the Higher Apprenticeship framework is outlined on the STFC news blog here and on the UK Space Agency website here as well.

Friday also saw the Higher Apprenticeship in Space Engineering (HASE) website go live, with information for both space sector employers and prospective apprentices.