£40,000 will help schools across the UK to engage with Chemistry in the classroom using the context of space.

On Tuesday 12th November we hosted a celebration at the National Space Centre to mark three years of funding from Global Paint Supplier, PPG. During the event, Director Ken Armistead announced a further £40,000 of funding for 2020.

We designed the PPG Chemistry Education Project to use space contexts to tackle the science curriculum in areas that are key to PPG's work: colour and materials. Students link the science and engineering of PPG with space science and technology to engage with Chemistry.

Over the past three years, PPG has contributed £100,000 to make this project possible.

Lead Educators Steve and Judith explain the masterclass at the celebration event in November

Our expert team of Lead Educators and the National Space Centre's Education team have delivered the masterclasses at schools across the UK and at the National Space Centre to almost 10,000 young people.

"We believe that every young person should have the opportunity to make STEM part of their lives. PPG have helped us to reach more young people by funding us to design and deliver the PPG Chemistry Education Project Masterclass."

Dr Kierann Shah, General Manager of the National Space Academy.

PPG invest in educational opportunities to grow today's skilled workforce in research and development, manufacturing, information technology and industries related to science, technology, engineering and math professions to develop tomorrow's generation of innovators.

At the showcase event, Ken Armistead - Director of Corporate Communications for EMEA region at PPG, said:

"We are capable of better solutions when there is a diversity of thought. We are proud to support the National Space Academy to enable more young people to engage with science."

Ken Armistead
Ken Armistead - Director of Corporate Communications for EMEA region at PPG
Steve Althorpe
Steve Althorpe is the Lead Educator responsible for the design of the PPG Chemistry Education Project Masterclass

"Science isn't about the stuff we do know. Science is about the stuff we don't know. It's about investigating, problem solving, creativity... the PPG masterclass brings in all of those themes."

Steve Althorpe

The masterclass also shows students the career opportunities available to them after studying STEM subjects.

A student in a video shown at the celebration event said:

"Normally, I thought science was just chemicals, potions, stuff like that.... But no, turns out there's a bunch more stuff related to it."

The National Space Academy and PPG are committed to removing barriers for young people who wouldn't normally get opportunities to take part in activities like this.

Schools with more than 13% of students eligible for free school meals can apply to take part in 2020's PPG Chemistry Education Project Masterclasses for free.

The PPG Chemistry Education Project Masterclass can be adapted for students aged 9 - 14. Teachers interested in more information about the masterclass, should visit here for application details.