Conor Davies shows the comet to pupilsConor Davies, one of the National Space Academy Lead Educators, led two days of masterclasses for students from four Leeds schools.  David Young Community Academy, Roundhay and Lawnswood Schools, and the Grammar School at Leeds (GSAL) all gave Year 9 pupils a chance to get involved with the National Space Academy activities.  As a finale on the second day, Mr Davies used a number of ingredients, some which might surprise you, to whip up a comet nucleus.


The masterclass topics covered the influence of space research and technology on daily life, as well as the scale of the universe and human space exploration.  Response to the masterclasses was incredibly positive, from both teachers and students alike.

From the GSAL press release:gsal

GSAL head of physics, Tom Rogerson, said: "It's a fantastic opportunity for students to see the relevance of space science in everyday life, and to develop a sense of awe and wonder at the universe."

Dr John Hern, teacher of science at DYCA, said: "It's been an absorbing and engaging hands on exploration of the solar system and what space technology has given us. It has provided valuable revision and curriculum extension for Year 9 who have already studied some aspects of the subject."

Conor Davies has been a Lead Educator with the National Space Academy for over a year now, and you can read more about his background in teaching physics here.