philae220The National Space Academy team would like to congratulate ESA and all of the scientists involved in the Rosetta mission on their successful landing and data collection by Philae.  

Philae's job is now done, but there is still so much for the Rosetta mission still to complete.


For continued mission information:

·         Follow the Rosetta Mission Blog

·         Rosetta in the UK

The National Space Academy, supported by the Open University and the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) will be running Rosetta teacher CPD events in the new year. 

So, if you are looking to find ways to bring the success of Rosetta into the classroom, then why not pop along to one of our twilight CPD sessions and see how a mission 510 million kilometres from the Earth can be brought straight into the classroom.

A previous CPD event was held at the end of October at the Open University, and included a talk by Professor Ian Wright: principle investigator of the Ptolemy instrument; an instrument designed and built in the UK as a collaboration between the Open University and STFC's RAL Space, located on the Philae lander.