Funded Teacher Training (CPD) for PGCE Students

Thanks to funding from The Air & Space Power Association (ASPA), the National Space Academy is pleased to offer fully funded physics Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This funding is specifically for universities who provide a science Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) course. Universities can host a full day physics CPD for their PGCE science students at their University or at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Thanks to funding from ASPA, we are able to deliver these CPDs across the UK.

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These physics CPDs are bespoke and are delivered by our network of outstanding teachers. They use space contexts to deliver physics topics in a hands-on, interactive and engaging way (please see full terms and conditions below). Our ASPA CPD will also include elements inspired by the work of ASPA members.

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Possible topics could include:

  • How we get to space: forces, motion and gravity
  • The space environment and human survival, temperature, pressure and dangers of radiation
  • Comet impacts and kinetic energy models
  • Pollution, climate change and using the electromagnetic spectrum to protect the Earth
  • Gravity and gravitational fields, equations of motion and Newtonian mechanics
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  • Human survival in space, planetary atmospheres and ideal gasses
  • Electromagnetic phenomena, inverse square law and the photoelectric effect
  • The importance of magnetic fields and their interactions with charged particles
  • Passive and active Earth observation systems and climate science
  • Thermodynamics and spacecraft systems

About The Air & Space Power Association

The Air & Space Power Association (ASPA) is an authoritative voice and platform for discussion and debate on how air and space power influences today’s world and its relevance to the future. Their mission is to promote the understanding and advancement of air and space power in the UK and beyond. Their aim is to provide a focal point for all stakeholders in the air and space domains. Throughout the year the ASPA holds a series of in-person and virtual events that create a platform for members and guests to listen and contribute to the latest developments and trends in air and space power, helping to define today’s environment and shape the future. Membership is open to professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise in the air and space power domains and includes individuals, businesses, military units, science and technology professionals and academics. 

The Air and Space Power Association – Shaping the future of air and space power.

Important information and how to apply for 2022-2024

  • The funding covers the full price of a full day CPD for PGCE students 
  • If the PGCE CPD is taking place at the university, the funding covers the cost of up to £100 for the Lead Educators travel expenses to the University
  • If the PGCE CPD is taking place at the National Space Centre in Leicester, the funding also includes access to the galleries and a planetarium show (depending on availability). The funding does not cover the cost of the coach to the National Space Centre
  • The CPD must be booked by the University for a class. We cannot accept bookings from individual students
  • The CPD is a full day CPD and must be a physics CPD
  • The University must be in the UK
  • The CPD is for up to the 30 students all day
  • Funding is limited and is offered on a first come first served basis
  • The University will need to provide an appropriate classroom or laboratory space if at the University
  • A teacher from the University must be present throughout the session
  • CPD's funded by ASPA are subject to the National Space Academy’s usual terms and conditions. 
  • Each University may only apply once for the funded CPD
  • Teachers and students are required to complete an evaluation form following the CPD
  • Funding is limited and is available on a first come first served basis
  • To apply for this funding, please complete the online enquiry form here