Charlotte Stanyon


My love and excitement for space began when I started working at the National Space Centre. I quickly realised that you don’t need to have a physics or engineering background to work in the space sector and be part of something amazing.

Charlotte's History

Charlotte started working at the National Space Centre in February 2020 as a full time member of crew. This involved working on the operations team who ran the building, worked events and engaged with the school children. Charlotte joined the National Space Academy team in May 2024 as a Space to Learn Regional Project Officer.

She have a BA (Hons) in Professional Studies (Creative Industries)

We asked Charlotte...

Given the chance, would you go to space?

Absolutely not! I’d be terrified and I wouldn’t want to be away from Alan (my dog) for that length of time. I’m quite happy admiring space from earth.

What’s the best thing about science?

The endless exploration and possibilities.

What’s the best thing about working at the National Space Academy?

The amazing team and the awesome people I get to work with and meet. Oh and I’ve also held a meteorite which is pretty cool!