Dame Jocelyn Bell BurnellCareering through Astronomy What does a career in astronomy involve?

On Monday 27th January 2014, Professor Bell Burnell attended our Year 12 Career Conference to deliver our keynote talk. She gave an insight into her career so far and an idea of what kind of research astronomers undertake.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell started her academic career by failing the 11+ but went on to read a Physics degree at Glasgow University. This was followed by a PhD in Cambridge in Radio Astronomy where she inadvertently discovered pulsars, opening up a new branch of astrophysics – work recognised by the award of a Nobel Prize to her supervisor.

She has subsequently working in many branches of astronomy, has used telescopes flown on high-altitude balloons, launched on rockets and carried on satellites, and built a radio telescope in Cambridgeshire. Later she could be found panting for breath at 14,000’, using the UK’s infrared or millimetre waveband telescopes.

Year 10 Career Conference – Monday 24th June 2013