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Jules Verne


The book, From the Earth to the Moon written by Jules Verne, describes firing the explorers from a canon to reach the Moon.

This video explores Newton’s equation for gravitational force and how these forces change over distance.

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Georges Lemaitre

Georges Lemaitre

This video explains how Lemaître theory of the Big Bang explained the measurements made from the early 20th Century until today. Anu Ojha, explains how different elements have different spectra because of the changes in energy levels of the electrons in the atoms.

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Albert Einstein


With the aid of animations, in this video, Anu Ojha explains Einstein’s theory of Special and General Relativity. Special Relativity tells us that the speed of light is constant, and therefore the measurements of space and time will change from the perspective of different observers.

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Johannes Kepler

atv-keplerThis video explains the historical context of observations and the different models of the solar system, that led to Kepler’s theories of elliptical planetary orbits. Kepler spent six years developing his three laws, which are outlined in the video, with supporting animations.

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Edoardo Amaldi


The physicist Edoardo Amaldi was instrumental in the development of CERN and of ESRO, which eventually became ESA. One of the European Space Agency’s ATV vehicles is named after him. This video focuses on the low Earth orbit radiation environment and cosmic rays.

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