Regular Session Speakers

ITP Engines

ITP EnginesITP is one of the largest aircraft engine and components companies in the world, with testing and production centres in Spain, Mexico, the UK, US, Malta and India.

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The Met Office

Met OfficeThe Met Office is the UK's National Weather Service, using satellite images and data to accurately forecast daily changes in weather.


RAFRAF Fylingdales is one of three radar sites in the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System (BMEWS) and contributes to the Global Space Surveillance Network.


NCEOThe National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO) is a distibuted National Environment Research Council (NERC) centre for over 80 scientists from UK Universities and research organisations. NCEO provides NERC with National Capability in Earth Observation (EO) science and incorporates world- class capabilities in interpretive EO.

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Open University/CEPSAR

OU/CEPSARThe Open University and CEPSAR have a long-standing international reputation for pioneering research.


MSSLUCL's Mullard Space Science Laboratory carries out research into a wide range of physical phenomena.

RAL Space

RAL spaceRAL Space, based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, has been involved with over 200 space missions.

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Cardiff University

Cardiff UniversityCardiff School of Physics and Astronomy studies a range of topics, including theory, observation and the development of related instrumentation.


SSTL SSTL is a world leader in the design, manufacture and operation of high performance small satellites.

Airbus Defence and Space - Geo Intelligence

Airbus defence and spaceAirbus Defence and Space Geo-Intelligence programme is committed to the purpose to make Earth-observation images and geo-information available for worthy causes such as natural and man-made disasters, humanitarian missions, global surveillance of the environment, international security and peacekeeping, education and research. They are the world leaders in the design and manufacture of satellite systems. 

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Magna Parva

Magna Parva Logo Blue GreyMagna Parva involved in the design and development of specialised instrumentation for the high performance sectors of space, motorsport and automotive industries.

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