John Holt 200Research Engineer, Space Research Centre, University of Leicester

John is currently the lead investigator for the Small Planetary Linear Impulse Tool (SPLIT) a novel geo-technics device being developed for Mars Sample Return. He has 20 years of experience in space systems engineering, project & grant management and the development, through to flight operations, of specialist electro-mechanical, optical, CCD/solid state detector and micro-fluidic instrumentation for planetary and orbital applications of ESA and NASA space missions.

 John is a regular contributor to the National Space Academy, particluarly Careers Conferences

John has had involvement in significant space projects, which include: JET-X, XMM EPIC, GERB 1, GERB 2, CATSAT, J-PEX, Beagle 2, ExoMars LMC, SPLIT & WORMMS

He was also involved in identifying the remains of King Richard III