Masterclass in London, UK

We run Masterclasses for students aged 11 to 19 years all over the UK and internationally. Masterclasses can be delivered as a full or half day, or in workshop sessions of one hour. All sessions consist of curriculum-linked and subject-specific content that is appropriate to the age group and level of the class.

Our expert team will tackle tricky subjects with cutting edge space science. We include recent and historical space missions, and show how space exploration affects our daily lives.

All of our Masterclasses have a strong practical element; including hands-on activities and opportunities for student involvement and discussion.  In addition to the curriculum content, we explore examples of careers relating to the space sector as well as more generalised space careers information.

When you book a masterclass with the National Space Academy, we will work with you to focus on your specific needs. From working with students struggling to understand complex content, to challenging gifted and talented students and taking groups of students through revision sessions.

Our Masterclasses also focus on essential soft skills like teamwork, communication and problem solving.

An expert Lead Educator will come to your school, or you can visit the National Space Centre. We currently have Lead Educators based in England, Ireand, Scotland and Wales, and can deliver Masterclasses applying the inspirational context of space to physics, biology, chemistry and maths.

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