Dr Chris NorthGravitational Waves 

Dr Chris North is a physicist and astronomy at Cardiff University. In this keynote talk, Chris discusses what gravitational waves are, and how they are detected by experiments such as LIGO (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory).


He is the Ogden Science Lecturer for the University, working with the Ogden Trust to encourage take-up of physics at school and University. Chris is also an STFC (Science Technology and Facilities Council) Public Engagement Fellow.

Chris's astronomy research and background focuses on the SPIRE instrument onboard the Herschel Space Observatory, which observes far – infrared and submillimetre light from gas and dust in our galaxy and beyond. His specific work is relating to the collaboration of the instrument, ensuring that the data produced is as accurate as possible.

As well as scientific research, Chris is also involved with the outreach related to the Herschel Space Observatory and the Planck Satellite. He is currently focusing on schools engagement projects relating to the research done in the department, on particular gravitational waves.

Chris is also a member of the team behind popular online astronomy websites such as Chromoscope, Design a Telescope, Multiwavelength Universe and the CMB Simulator.