Professor Emma BunceEmma's main research has focused on the giant rotating magnetosphere of Jupiter and Saturn, with a particular desire to explore and understand mechanisms which generate the dynamic auroral emissions in their upper atmospheres.


Professor Emma Bunce grew up on Worthing, following her A-levels she studied for a Master's degree in Physics with Space Science and Technology at the University of Leicester.

Following her successful completion of her four-year degree, she obtained a PhD place and began studying the magnetosphere of Jupiter. Emma was awarded a PPARC Post-Doctoral Fellowship to study Saturn's magnetosphere. To date she has published ~75 papers in the scientific literature and her work has received national and international recognition. Emma won the Royal Astronomical Society's prize for best PhD thesis, the Prix Baron Nicolet award for Space Physics and the European Geophysical Union's Young Talent in Geoscience award.

Year 10 Career Conference, Monday 20th June 2016