Dr Simon SheridanRosetta Mission

Simon is involved in the development and characterisation of instrumentation for the in-situ

determination of chemical composition of the atmosphere, surface and subsurface of major and minor solar system bodies. His key activities include the development of the gas handling and processing system on the Ptolemy instrument (Rosetta Lander).


Simon is based within the Space Science research area at the Open University (OU). Open University research into space contributes to major global challenges through scientific explotation of imaging and detection technologies and to building the space sector of the UK economy. The OU is one of several partners involved in the Rosetta Mission, and its team of researchers, alongside those at STFC, RAL Space designed and developed Ptolemy - a tool on the spacecrafts, lander Philae. Ptolemy is a gas analysis instrument capable of performing isotopic measurements on individual components from solid and gaseous samples on the comet's surface. 

Simon has also been responsible for the development of novel, miniature high performance gas valves for use in space-craft pressure control systems. Applications of this technology include gas pressurisation systems for analytical instruments and space-craft propulsion.

Year 12 Careers Conference - Monday 25th January 2016