Anu Ojha OBEIs there anything alive on Mars?

 Director of the National Space Academy

Anu Ojha outlined the possibilities for life on Mars: is there anything alive on Mars? Has there ever been life on Mars? How could humans survive on Mars – and why did Mars end up so different to Earth?


These questions have been asked for centuries, and new and daring missions have been devised for finding the answers, Anu Ojha explored these questions.

Anu Ojha has been Director of Education and Space Communications at the National Space Centre, Leicester since 2008 and is Director of the National Space Academy programme (STFC, ESA, UK Space Agency).

In addition to being appointed as an ESA “Space Ambassador” he has worked as a consultant for ESA in Holland and Spain using data from the SOHO solar observatory and Mars Express missions. He is also developing the new National Framework for the Space Engineering Higher Apprenticeships for the UK space sector, in 2010 he was awarded the Sir Arthur Clarke Award for inspiration by the UK space industry and in 2014 he was awarded an OBE for services to science education.

Year 10 Careers Conference – Monday 30th June 2014