Physics Masterclass in London, UK

Our Physics masterclasses use the challenges of space exploration and Earth observation.

There might be a specific topic you would like us to focus on, or an area of the curriculum which your group are struggling with. An expert Lead Educator will work with you to build bespoke day of learning at your school anywhere in the UK or at the National Space Centre in Leicester.

Key Stage 3 and 4 / S2 - S4 content could include:

  • How we get to space, forces, motion and gravity
  • The space environment and human survival, temperature and pressure and dangers of radiation
  • Why space is important for human society
  • Comet impacts and kinetic energy models
  • Pollution, climate change and using the electromagnetic spectrum to protect the Earth.
  • Space industry spin-offs and space careers

Key Stage 5 / S4 - S6 content could include:

  • Understanding gravity and gravitational fields, equations of motion and Newtonian mechanics
  • Human survival in space, planetary atmospheres and ideal gasses
  • Electromagnetic phenomena, inverse square laws and the photoelectric effect
  • The importance of magnetic fields and their interactions with charged particles
  • Passive and active Earth observation systems and climate science
  • Thermodynamics and spacecraft systems.
  • Careers in the space industry

Full day, half day and multiple hour long sessions are available. See options and pricing here.

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Ogden Trust funded physics masterclasses

The Ogden Trust

We are pleased to announce that the Ogden Trust is funding 25 full day, in-school, National Space Academy physics masterclasses for KS4 and 5 in 2020.

This opportunity is specifically for schools in England who have more than 13% of their students registered for free school meals.

Find out more here.

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