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The National Space Academy uses current space contexts as well as the history of space exploration to link curriculum physics to exciting research in the space sector.  Missions like the continued microgravity research on the International Space Station, space telescopes such as James Webb, and the way we get into space are used to support the teaching of topics; from forces and motion, to electromagnetic waves, to radioactivity.  All of our courses give teachers ideas that can be immediately implemented in school, with a focus on hands-on classroom investigations.  See the individual event listings for more information.

The National Space Academy is currently planning its programme of events for the academic year 2016-2017. Please check back for more information or join our mailing list.

Non-Specialist Physics CPD

2September 2016 onwards

National Space Centre, Leicester

"Space" and the physics curriculum – it's so much more than just the orbits of the planets or the ultimate fate of the Universe. Contexts from space science can be successfully used for teaching topics as diverse as gravity, phases of matter and even the physics behind the motor effect.

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Thanks to sponsorship from PPG we are offering £300 bursaries for schools towards one of our Masterclasses for 10 - 14 year olds - find out more here.