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Mike Grocott

Mike Grocott

Having previously had a twelve-year career worldwide with the Royal Navy, from the outset of his teaching career Mike has used his lifelong love of all matters astronomical and astronautical as successful contexts to enthuse and, more importantly, boost student attainment in classes from Years 7 to 13 (Key Stage 3 to A Level).

His outstanding sustained performance resulted in him being awarded Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) status by DfE in 2005 in recognition of his outstanding teaching performance. He established a full-time astronomy support centre (the Callington Space Centre) at his school in Cornwall in 2001 and has led international teacher training work in astronomy for the British Council and with NASA's Johnson and Kennedy Space Centres.

In 2013 Mike was appointed to develop and open the countries first Studio School which used Project Based Learning in the context of space as a curriculum vehicle. Having opened and led the school, Mike has now started Space Education Adventures consultation. Through Mike's tireless efforts and enthusiasm, hundreds of his students have benefitted from life-changing placements at both centres in the United States. On this side of the Atlantic, Mike has been an ESA/DfE "Space Ambassador" for ESERO-UK (the UK's Space Education Office) and is a Lead Educator for the National Space Academy programme.

In 2016 Mike was awarded the Arthur Clarke Education and Outreach (Individual) Award for his commitment to space education.

A masterclass or CPD session delivered by Mike can include:


  • Rocket science- speed calculations, orbital mechanic calculations, satellite useage.
  • New materials and rocket designs.
  • Analysing thermal protection systems through practical investigation.
  • Solar science and the development of observational systems.
  • Future space vehicles and the commercialisation of space .

 Availability: Wednesday afternoons and Thursdays

"The most exciting thing about the National Space Academy is that we finally have a recognition of the potential that Space offers education and the opportunities for our students to be fully involved in shaping the future direction of technologies impact on our lives. I am looking forward to working with scientists and cascading the knowledge and enthusiasm they have to other teachers and students."

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