Lead Educators

Lee Sheldon

Lee Sheldon

Lee studied Microbiology and Viriology at Warwick University, and has been a teacher since 1991. A key component of his background is in astrobiology. He has close ties to Warwick University as it was also where he completed his PGCE. Lee also works with Leicester and Loughborough Universities in supporting students entering Initial Teacher Training.

Lee has been prevalent within the Space and Science communities, where he worked as a National Secondary Strategy Science Consultant. He has also run an Astronaut Academy specialism (which is project based learning for KS3) and has developed a number of space science programmes for KS1-KS4 - this includes a KS2-KS3 numeracy bridging project based around a proposed ESA/NASA Europa Mission.

Lee is currently teaching computer science where he is embedding space science into the programme of learning.

Lee was awarded Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) status for excellence in teaching.

"Space Science is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK- we need our young people to engage in multidisciplinary activities related to space. The National Space Academy Lead Educator role is key to engaging teachers and students for a future in space."