Lead Educators

Andrew McDonald

Andrew is a Teacher of Physics and Science at Stirling High School, Scotland. He studied Geological Science and Physics at Leeds University and then undertook post-graduate research in seismology. Joining the British Geological Survey as a geophysicist he specialised in earth observation and image analysis. During this time, he carried out multi-disciplinary research using satellite, airborne and thematic imagery for environmental studies and worked with research institutes in different areas of science in the UK and overseas. He was active in the Public Understanding of Science and was awarded a British Science Association Media Fellowship with the BBC. In his spare time, he was an associate lecturer with the Open University on the multi-disciplinary course on oceanography.

After several years in the scientific civil service Andrew realized that working with young people and trying to enthuse them about science was what he really enjoyed and so he retrained as a teacher. He has run STEM clubs, master classes for more able pupils and has provided outreach lessons to local primary schools. Andrew is passionate about putting real-world meaning to school science and has lead a number of initiatives to broaden the range of science in his school.

"The beauty of images of the Earth, planets and space never fails to astonish me. Having an insight to the science and technology under-pinning the images only se

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