Support Us


The National Space Academy is able to operate thanks to grants from organisations supportive of education interventions and/or the UK space sector, and any revenue generated by the Academy goes straight back into the supporting the project. 

There are several ways in which organisations can further strengthen the work of the Academy, ranging from direct financial support to the release of scientist/engineer time to work with Academy Lead Educators on new programmes. National Space Academy funders and supporters are fully credited for their work with the Academy, and working collaboratively with the Academy can allow supporting organisations to maximise their education and outreach provision.

If you would like to discuss how your organisation could support or work with the National Space Academy in any way then please contact us here.

The National Space Academy can also offer support and consultancy to companies and organisations in the UK space sector who wish to engage with new talent or open up new pathways for young people to find out about and join the sector. If you would like to discuss the skills and qualities your organisation is looking for to expand and consolidate then please contact us here.

Thanks to sponsorship from PPG we are offering £300 bursaries for schools towards one of our Masterclasses for 10 - 14 year olds - find out more here.