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Invitation to tender: Evaluation Consultant

Deadline for tenders:
30th September 2019

Date range for follow up questions and interviews: 7th October -  18th October 2019

Appointment deadline: 18th October 2019

Work package one: 28th October 2019 – 31st March 2020

New evaluation implementation from April 2020 at the latest.


PGCE Odgen Masterclass

 This page contains the following sections:

1. Overview of the National Space Academy and Ogden Trust
2. Information for bidders
Instructions for submitting a proposal

1. Overview of the National Space Academy and Ogden Trust

Physics MasterclassThe National Space Academy applies the context of space to biology, chemistry, physics and maths. Our teamwork with teachers, 11- 19 year olds and industry professionals all over the world to educate and inspire the next generation of space scientists. The Ogden Trust encourages and promotes the teaching and learning of physics. It does this by sponsoring talented students studying physics at sixth form and undergraduate level, undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to become physics teachers, and programmes and projects supporting physical science teaching in primary and secondary schools.

2. Information for bidders

2.1 Background on the project

We use space contexts to engage students with curriculum science at secondary and Further Education (FE) Level. We primarily do this through masterclasses delivered either at the National Space Centre or in schools.

The Ogden Trust has provided three years' worth of bursaries for secondary schools to take part in National Space Academy physics masterclasses. The first year will end in December 2019. Year two begins in 2020 and year three begins in 2021.

We invite evaluation consultants to submit tenders for an evaluation project around these Ogden-funded physics masterclasses. We are specifically looking for tenders that take into account Science Capital measures that can be applied within an educational context.

The Ogden-funded Masterclasses are all full day physics masterclasses delivered in schools, aligning with the interests of the Ogden Trust who have provided funding for bursaries to decrease the cost to schools with above average proportions of students eligible for Free School Meals (FSM).

Masterclasses vary based on the key stage and ability of the group, and on the content recommended by the Lead Educator (seconded teacher delivering the Masterclass). Lead Educators recommend content based on information provided by the teacher booking the Masterclass. We are proud to be able to deliver relevant and varied content depending on each groups' needs and interests.

2.2 Purpose and Delivery Expectations

The purpose of the evaluation project is to assess the impact of the Ogden bursary funded Masterclasses on student participants. We are interested in understanding impact in terms of knowledge imparted and Science Capital.

Existing evaluation for these programmes requires students and teachers to fill in questionnaires. You can download these at the bottom of the page. We are interested in methodologies that streamline this activity or incorporate evaluation into the Masterclass itself.

We currently report on feedback internally for quality assurance.  For this project we would like to be able to record and report impact for the Ogden Trust and for it to be shared more widely.

The consultant will also be expected to give their recommendations on the length and format of the final report. This will then be agreed between the consultant, the National Space Academy, and the Ogden Trust during the first work package.  We anticipate that the final format will include a short summary report with key findings, and a more in-depth report looking at the evaluation in greater detail, however this is not set in stone.

The consultant should bring their experience and expertise to bear on creating reasonable expectations of what the evaluation will or will not be able to show.

2.3 Scope

Tenders should cover:

Work package one
Create and implement evaluation protocols before the start of year two (i.e. before January 2020).  Ongoing collection of evaluation will then be undertaken by National Space Academy staff/deliverers.

Work package two
Follow up at end of the three-year funding period, including production of final evaluation report in January 2022.

2.4 Scale of project/data acquired

25 bursary funded Masterclasses will be delivered in each year of the project, giving a total of 75 Masterclasses over the three years.

However, delivery of the year one Masterclasses will already have commenced by the time the Evaluation Consultant is recruited. The total number of Masterclasses from which data for this evaluation can be gathered will be 50, spread over year two and three.

2.5 Timescales

Deadline for tenders:
30th September

Date range for follow up questions and interviews:
7th October -  18th October 2019

Appointment deadline:
18th October 2019

Work package one:
28th October 2019 – 31st March 2020

New evaluation implementation from April 2020 at the latest.


2.6 Funding

The total amount available for this work to cover both fees and expenses is £5,500, inclusive of VAT.

· £4000 for work to be completed in 2019/early 2020 (work package one)

· £1500 for work in 2021/2022 (work package two)

3. Instructions for submitting a proposal

Please include the following elements in your proposal:

· A summary of your experience of evaluation work, including your experience of working as an evaluation consultant

· An outline of how you would approach the evaluation project, taking into account the scope and delivery requirements

· A breakdown of fees and costs, including anticipated expenses and including VAT for services where applicable

· Your suggested timetable for delivering work packages 1 and 2, with reference to the timescales included in the scope of work


Email your proposal in the form of a word document or pdf of no more than 2 pages to the National Space Academy General Manager Dr Kierann Shah: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please contact Dr Shah if you would like to find out more information about the project before submitting a proposal.

Supporting documents:
Existing questionnaire for students
Existing questionnaire for teachers

 Physics Masterclass