The study of astronomy links in with mathematics and physics, and has long been taught as a part of the physics curriculum.  More and more schools are now offering students the chance to take an Astronomy GCSE.  This allows students to explore the subject in greater detail.  This qualification can be an excellent way for students to further any interest they may have in space and astronomy.

The National Space Academy has worked with schools to offer a masterclass to complement studies in astronomy, using the expertise of project scientists and the National Space Centre itself to bring the curriculum to life.

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Astronomy Masterclass

The GCSE Astronomy masterclass utilises the in depth subject knowledge of our staff and unique learning environments, along with a range of interesting hands on activities to bring a day of intensive curriculum based learning for your GCSE Astronomy students.

From focused questioning using the unique exhibits in the galleries, to fast-paced intensive classroom sessions, the day can be tailored to any topic, age group and ability range.

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Thanks to sponsorship from PPG we are offering £300 bursaries for schools towards one of our Masterclasses for 10 - 14 year olds - find out more here.