Industry Links

There are a number of UK space sector companies who support the work we do, especially careers events.  The areas they work in are incredibly varied and showcase the exciting opportunities available in this dynamic sector.

SSTLSurrey Satellites Technology Ltd. (SSTL)

SSTL is a world leader in the design, manufacture and operation of high performance small satellites. SSTL has launched more than 35 small satellites, making it the most successful and experienced small satellite supplier in the world.

MSSLMullard Space Science Laboratory

UCL's Mullard Space Science Laboratory carries out research into a wide range of physical phenomena, from the extremes of Earth's climate and the near-Earth space environment to the planets, Sun and astronomical phenomena such as gamma-ray bursts, binary star and quasars. They are also actively involved in the development, construction and exploitation of high precision instrumentation for use on satellites and in the wider world.



The primary role of the RAF is defence of British and European airspace with additional roles of search and rescue and disaster relief.  The RAF uses a wide range of space related technology and information.  The RAF supported the development of the Teaching Laboratory at the National Space Centre and has donated some exhibits that are housed there.

Magna Parva Logo Blue GreyMagna Parva

Magna Parva is a young growing company successfully involved in the design and development of specialised instrumentation for the high performance sectors of space, motorsport and automotive industries.

Cardiff UniversityCardiff University

Cardiff School of Physics and Astronomy is part of Cardiff University and is based at the Queen's Buildings on The Parade, Cardiff, close to the city centre. The Astronomy & Astrophysics group studies a range of topics in galactic and extragalactic astronomy and cosmology, including theory, observation and the development of related instrumentation. Major areas include: observations of high-redshift galaxies and their cosmological evolution; theoretical, computational and observational studies of the formation of stars and planets; design and construction of astronomical instrumentation for ground and space-based observatories; and theoretical work on the early Universe its large-scale structure.


The Open University and CEPSAR have a long-standing international reputation for pioneering research. Key highlights include our Huygens probe Surface Science Package that provided the first characterisation of the surface of Titan, the discovery that long-term low-level chronic nitrogen deposition significantly reduces plant biodiversity in grasslands (a Science top 10 'breakthrough') and the discovery of the first super star cluster in the galaxy Westerlund-1 for example

Met OfficeThe Met Office

The Met Office is the UK's National Weather Service using satellite images and data to accurately forecast daily changes in weather. They also run world class research into climate change, developing models and simulations to predict impacts of a changing climate.

airbusAirbus Defence & Space

Airbus Defence and Space is one of the UK's largest space sector employers, and is also a key player in aerospace and defence technologies.  Airbus Defence and Space is part of the wider Airbus group which has centres across the world.

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