Beijing Space Summer School July 2018

We are a not-for-profit organisation. We engage young people with STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) using the inspirational context of space, and facilitate pathways into the space sector by working with industry and education.

Our Lead Educators are all current teachers. As a registered charity, we are part funded by the National Space Centre and a group of generous supporters and partners like UK Space Agency and ESA (European Space Agency). This helps keep our sessions and resources relevant, inspiring and practical.


Young people: 11 - 19 years

We work across UK and international curricula, developing bespoke masterclasses for GCSE, A Level, Scottish Standards and Highers and International Baccalaureate students. We develop subject knowledge and understanding with memorable hands on activities, experiments and discussion.

We also run careers events. We lead workshops and answer questions like:
"What A-levels do you need to become an Astrophysicist? What roles are possible in the space sector, apart from being an astronaut? What's the difference between a degree and an apprenticeship?"

Our Space Engineering course combines A-levels in Physics and Maths with a BTEC level 3 in Engineering.



We train teachers.  Our CPD sessions range from one day courses for individual teachers, to full consultancy for new schools looking to develop an exciting STEM offer. Supporting non-specialist physics teachers is our speciality. We work with each school to develop a programme which is relevant and will have the greatest impact possible.


Industry and academia

The UK Space Industry has an annual turnover of £11bn and employs close to 35,000 people. The sector has projected growth to £14bn by 2020. We work closely with people in the space sector to  develop the next generation of space science talent!


We have always engaged in some work overseas, supporting the European Space Agency (ESA) summer teacher workshops in various European countries and the European Space Camp in Andoya, Norway. Thanks to support from UK government we have delivered successful pilot programmes in China and the United Arab Emirates.

Now schools, teachers and other organisations from around the world are looking to the National Space Academy to enhance their teaching and learning offers. Find out more here


Explore the website to find out about our work or get in touch to speak to someone in the team.