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Geography (from Greek γεωγραφία - geographia, lit. "earth description") is the study of the Earth.  In particular geography deals with the physical shape of the surface of the earth; mountains, rivers, glaciers, lakes, deserts, and the human response to the earth including population movement and agriculture.

Through the development of man-made satellites new methods of observing the Earth have developed, allowing a 'view from outside' from which problems such as deforestation, extreme weather, and drought can be studied.  Modern technology has also brought the technology to pinpoint a location using GPS (global positioning system) a space application that has led to incredible accuracy in geographical mapping.

Although often thought of as a humanities subject, geography uses scientific observations and crosses over with the sciences in many ways.  The National Space Academy uses space applications to get students thinking about geography, including some of the benefits from geographical research which many take for granted.  The application of space technology for observing the Earth, and the potential for the human race to know so much more about our home planet, is key to these studies.

National Space Academy Geography masterclasses are only available at the National Space Centre.

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Geography - GCSE

Geography studentsThe Geography "G-Localisation" masterclass allows students following GCSE and AS courses in Geography to benefit from two structured activities designed to stretch understanding of two fundamental principles underpinning geography courses; renewable energy and the impacts of climate change.

Students use information from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and use a computer program to manipulate and interpret the data (SAGA - System for Automated Geoscientific Analysis).

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