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Chemistry is the study of material properties, structure, composition and changes during interactions and chemical reactions. Of vital importance to chemistry is the structure of atoms and molecules, and chemical bonds.  The study of space data in relation to chemistry has led to our understanding of the composition of stars and other objects, as well as providing an insight into the formation of chemical elements in our universe.

Both physical and organic chemistry are vital in space research and make up the basis for the National Space Academy's chemistry Masterclasses.  As well as using examples of space chemistry to explore theory each masterclass features experiments which can be the basis of full projects: looking at the factors affecting reaction rates, for example.  The Academy Lead Educators in chemistry are adept at bringing the subject to life.

Chemistry is studied in some form up to GCSE in UK schools and an Academy Masterclass in chemistry is one exciting way to engage students with the curriculum. Chemistry A-levels are important for students intending to go on to study medicine, as well as both physical and biological sciences and engineering. 


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This masterclass is an intensive, curriculum focused day–long session aimed at GCSE chemistry students of all abilities.

The "Martian Chemistry" masterclass is set on the planet Mars in the near future. Students will be challenged to extend their chemical knowledge and skills as they investigate the elements and compounds found on Mars. The topics covered link directly to GCSE additional science and GCSE chemistry specifications and are designed to boost student understanding, attainment and engagement in chemistry. 

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KS5 Chemistry

This masterclass addresses the following question; if aliens arrived at our planet what would they make of our chemistry?  In answering this question, students use concepts and skills applicable to all A-level Chemistry exam boards.

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